EURUSD Price Analysis: What Should We Expect From The ECB Today?

Posted by Klejdi Cuni on

As we all know today at noon the European Central Bank- (ECB), will publish the decision on interest rates.
This is one of the major events that is classified as a high-impact event.
Following the publication of the Interest Rate, the decision is followed by a press conference which is usually the most important part of the decision.

At the previous ECB meeting, they did not say whether they had any intention of raising interest rates in the coming months.
Usually, they announce it in advance so as not to create a strong market impact and price volatility in many financial instruments.

In my personal opinion, the only reason they will raise the interest rates without notice is that the euro is in fact undervalued and should be strengthened by giving it a strong boost.

However, given that the European Union never raises interest rates, I would not expect anything today either.
But yes, they can speculate with the same scenario as in the last meeting, when they said the economy is recovering strongly, but product prices and the energy sector are not helping it recover it quickly.

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